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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resource Area

As a supply team member you may be placed in bookings at very short notice and in some instances you may also be required to take work with you. This, in some cases can be difficult, if you are unfamiliar with the school or working with an age group that you have less experience with.

This page provides some forms, information, resources  and different links to a number of websites that offer quality content and information to help if you are supporting in a classroom or teaching. From time to time we will inform you of training courses available to you.

The Teaching Team have a dedicated teacher resource area within our office, anyone registered with the agency can come in and use this area, so if you are looking for some CPD or just want to do some lesson planning or research, please contact us for further information. We have also collated a selection of resources including lesson plans and worksheets which can be sent by post or supplied at interview.

E-Learning Resources

Many practitioners are increasingly keen to harness the benefits of sourcing teaching and learning materials from the Internet and using them in their teaching practice. However, the World Wide Web can be a daunting place to source information if you don’t know where to look. This page provides a number of selected websites that offer quality content and information.

Educational Websites

The following websites are government agencies and provide information relating to the UK curriculum, training and development. Access links to directories, online services, news and information of relevance to education are at the click of a button.

Primary Curriculum 2014 -

A website which outlines the national curriculum for Key stages 1, 2 and 3.

BBC Schools -

A gateway for pupils, teachers and parents alike. Get help with homework, log onto school forums, download teaching activities…etc.

Best Sites for Teachers -

A web portal for educators, including lesson plans, worksheets, activities and clip art.

Homework Elephant -

Over 5000 carefully sourced resources to assist you with homework problems, including many teacher resources to choose from.

Primary Resources -

Lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary teachers.

Schoolzone -

An online community that evaluates the most useful education resources and compiles the information into a monthly newsletter.

Teaching Ideas -

An online resource for primary teachers where you can download or share activities, lesson plans and teaching strategies.

Government Agencies

The following websites include government agencies providing information relating to the UK curriculum, teaching and learning, training and development, information technologies, local and federal government. Access links to directories, online services, news and information of relevance to education at the click of a button.

Ofsted is the inspectorate for children and learners in England. The agency contributes to the provision of better education and care through effective inspection and regulation.

Department for Education -

Information and downloadable materials regarding everything to do with teaching and learning, professional development, the education community…etc.